Proceed Without Caution: Who is Zeta June?




Zeta June is psychedelic dance-rock band created by Porter Hand (lead vocals/guitar/keys), Mitch Hruby (bass), Ian Crawford (guitar/vocals), and Cody Kuhens (percussion). The transcendent group seamlessly brings together genres as diverse as melodic rock, fusion, gritty funk, progressive rock, ambient, classic rock, hip hop and jazz. The now Colorado-based quartet has shared the stage with acts such as Future Rock, The Floozies, Dopapod, IndigoSun, Soap, Euforquestra, John Wayne & The Pain, Tallgrass and The Workshy to name a few. Having received bids to music festivals such as Camp Euforia, 515 Alive, Jammin’ On The Wolf,  80/35 Music Festival and three straight appearances at Summer Camp Music Festival they show no signs of slowing down.

A strong resolve to evolve made them an indispensable piece of the Midwest circuit. Following three years of experience as a musical unit then being newly minted into the boisterous Colorado music scene this foursome is now ascending in the Denver-metro area. Their music melds genres and styles, creating a hard-charging, often melodic fusion that – thanks to a penchant for improv – offers limitless possibilities. With a rare ability to channel emotional melodic leads, Zeta consecrates the ground on which dance music meets free-form improvisation. The band uses this energy to create a rapport between the audience and themselves that is rarely seen in today’s world of manufactured rock. The result is a sophisticated yet accessible dance music with the ability to react instantaneously to the atmosphere of a room.

The self-titled album was a breakthrough in that it finally captured the essence of Zeta June’s entrancing live shows. It’s a thoughtfully composed work with captivating hum-along melodies that allow the recorded versions to reflect the group’s adventurous improvisations on stage. The 10-song album spans ethereal textures, imaginative drumming, labyrinthine arrangements, and fiery solos—all often in the same song. It’s been an astounding journey for the musicians, in terms of four very different personalities conceptually inventing a musical lexicon. Thanks to their tireless efforts, Zeta has established a system of balance that instantly draws listeners to the music. With raw funk and sensitive dynamics, relentless pocket and lyrical melodicism, lush harmony and soulful simplicity as well as a delicate mixture of composition and improvisation.

Zeta June’s music is all about unexpected combinations. Piquing the interests of rock/house to jazz/hop to dub/breaks and so on, every song has a unique approach to attaining originality. Long improvisational interludes and vocal harmonies quickly set this group in a new category of mass appeal. Through the early successes formed in their original locale of Iowa CIty, Iowa – the band has no incentive to rest on their laurels. By working tirelessly in their new home and striving to become a nationally touring act these boys are sure to entertain audiences one and all.