Werkout Music & Arts Festival – 2013 Review


The Other Festival in Thornville, Ohio…

The air was sweet and heady as wine following The Werks’ third and final set late

Saturday evening. Following the sheer bliss an awestruck crowd stood silent in a feeble attempt

to regain themselves. The Werks have accomplished the unthinkable by retro-verting the spot

where massive dead fests were once held and in turn calling it home. The majesty of legend

valley has been summoned by a new generation of dead-heads, inspired by the old.

Road warriors Papadosio were a late addition to the lineup and are currently on their most

massive tour to date. They kicked things off proper Thursday night before The Werks took center

stage for the first time. Their seamless transitions and tonal sounds had the entire lot feeling

the love. The chemistry between them as well their Ohio brethren is undeniable as another

Werkadosio set was born. Minnesota wrapped up the festivities Thursday night with one his

most intimate show this summer

The stacked Friday schedule was beautifully arranged and beheld six hours of unopposed

sets on the main stages. The Midwest pioneers of jam stylings, Roster McCabe, have earned

themselves a great deal of recognition over the past two years and the status of their shows here

as well as other larger fests prove it. The Disco Biscuit side-project Conspirator is a definite

crowd-pleaser who unleashed a plethora of diverse sounds in a flowing breakbeat manner.

Continuing this magnificent run of shows was Dopapod, by far one of the greatest newly touring

acts. The masters of palindrome are one of the most technical bands you will ever see. Each

octave comes with a twangy new melody that stretches from EDM to psychedelic circus.

Saturday featured mostly elements of heavy bass and absolute insanity. The each coast

dojos of funk, Kung Fu, got it all started early with an awesome day set. Check out their new

album for a tasty bass lick. EOTO and The Werks closed everything out on the mainstage with

unbelievably energetic shows on a crisp autumn night. Though we have all come accustomed to

their intensity, it never ceases to amaze.

Boldly demonstrating their resolve The Werks’ second go-round officially established the

previously infamous Grateful Dead spot as their own. With a significantly warmer ambiance than

most festi, this smaller scale version has implored a communal culture that is passionate for arts

and music. The calmer atmosphere truly is all the rage, emanating the values which were once

instilled by our dead-fathers.