Walking On The Moon


Walking On The Moon | POTM 2014 Preview

The Midwest got a new heavyweight music festival this summer. Out of nowhere comes Phases of the Moon, an upstart festival that’s making waves within the music community. The inaugural event will be held will be held at Kennekuk County Park, a beautiful, 3,000 acre spot located in Danville, IL, from September 11th-14th.

The lineup features an entire roster of jam & funk bands that reads like a who’s who of legends: Panic, Cheese, and Bob Weir along basically every current, fresh funk band in America. This festival knows their niche and they have nailed it. All of this, along with the intriguing addition of the “Lunar Landing Conspiracy” all-star jam led by Cheese. This stacked lineup will treat music lovers of all ages to non-stop music on 4 different stages day and night along with bountiful amenities and attractions to enjoy.

A variety of visual and performing artists will help make Phases memorable. Live painters Alex Grey & Allyson Grey will be in attendance as well as the musical and visual experience of Quixotic. Aerial acrobatics, dancers, circus arts, fire performances in addition to the interactive installations, sculptures and galleries guarantees all your senses, not just your ears will be tingling by the end of the weekend.

POTM also offers a plethora of food and crafts, including an organic farmers market, a craft beer garden, as well as a general store and a mall of handmade and recycled items for sale. POTM also showcases a variety of displays by renowned and local artists that can be found throughout the festival grounds.

Not only is the Kennekuk County Park a relaxation oasis, but the venue also features “The Sanctuary,” a specific area for yoga, meditation and a variety of workshops and presentations. POTM also offers a kid-friendly area; a fun place to beat the crowds and enjoy so quiet time of fun and various art activities.

The festival is less than a week away and with that it can be difficult to up and make the trek. It has been done many times before, though, and to great amounts of life and joy. But if not, rest easy. It is a grand thing to think that so long after Woodstock and Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison and all the greats, we are still drawn to the sounds and the scenes that erupt on plains of green grass, red dirt and orange sand under the drive toward a better consciousness. It is a great notion that the spirit of Moriarty and the Merry Pranksters is alive and well, although it is sometimes muted by all the muck, it will still sing loud if you listen closely.

TourGigs will provide free webcasting coverage of their inaugural festival and is sure to be “One SMALL step for a jam, one GIANT leap for JAM-KIND.” – So don’t miss out!