Umphrey’s McGee, Riviera Theatre: Night 1 – 2/20/14


It was one for the record books as Umphrey’s took the stage Thursday night in their hometown of Chicago at The Riviera Theatre, kicking off their three-night run. It just wouldn’t feel right in the city without an Umphrey’s weekend run during the first half of the year – and they undoubtedly delivered. With so much history surrounding the town and the venue the energy alone simply prevailed. Umphrey’s provided a live stream for all of their fans that couldn’t be there. Opening their hometown set with October Rain, the jam’s ensued, as Umphrey’s began the weekend in an extraordinary fashion. According to Bayliss, it’s been ten years since Umphrey’s played their first set at The Riviera, and marked the only three-night run they have in store this Spring before festival season at their home fest, Summercamp. Chicago has provided a home for UMBowl’s I – IV; an annual event Umphrey’s has put on in Chicago. Boasting a four hour+ event containing four sets – one for each quarter.

UMBowl V will take place at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York. It’s exciting to see Umphrey’s journey gaining momentum and playing their fifth UMBowl, already sold out. Arguably ranking them in the elite list of top tier jam bands – if they weren’t in your list already. It’s been a wild ride and their following certainly isn’t going anywhere. Selling out both Friday and Saturday night shows the love that the Midwest has for UMPH. While letting Chicago know that the feeling’s mutual performing their only three night run this tour season. Although UMBowl V is in New York this year, the “second city” is second to no one, proving again that Chicago is still the place they hold closest to their heart – UMPH LOVE.

- Duncan Ross

Set List:

Set One:
October Rain
40′s Theme
The Linear
White Man’s Moccasins
Much Obliged
Morning Song
The Floor

Set Two:
Sad Gorillaz
Syncopated Strangers
August >
> Snake Juice
> August
Hurt Bird Bath

Pay the Snucka