The Main Squeeze Interview

Main Squeeze

In an exclusive interview, Axiom Nation sits down with the Chicago-based outfit, The Main Squeeze. Discussing recording with Randy Jackson, playing Hulaween, and their breakthrough album. This fortified funky mix of electro rock and jazz is a unique experience sure not to miss!


1. Tell me about recording with Randy Jackson, is his demeanor the same as on American Idol? 

Working with Randy Jackson has been an amazing experience for us so far.  He really appreciates the music that we’re making the way it is and doesn’t want to change what we’ve been doing too much.  He’s extremely knowledgeable in the industry and it’s been a pleasure to work with him and learn from his experience.  As far as his demeanor on American Idol, he doesn’t really act that way in real life.  We’ve only heard him say “dawg” once for instance.  He’s the man.


2. I saw that you earned a slot playing after SCI sets on Halloween. That’s such an honor! What was this experience like/set it apart from others?

Our set at Hulaween was easily one of the best this year.  We played directly after String Cheese on the Ampitheater Stage at Suwannee which is an amazing stage that we’ve seen some of our favorite shows ever at.  We had a huge crowd and towards the end of the set, it started raining and during the Allman Brothers’ “Whipping Post” it became a torrential downpour. The best part about it is, everyone stayed and raged in the rain with us.  We continued for 2 more songs and eventually got cut 3 minutes short of our set time because the rain got so bad.  They ended up canceling the rest of the music for the night which included Big Gigantic, Conspirator, and several other acts because of the weather which was cool for us because we pretty much headlined by default. 


3. Has the band been considering more 2-3 night runs in cities like Chicago or Milwaukee? When do you begin to phase this aspect into your tour?

We probably won’t do any 2-3 night runs for a little while.  That’s something that will come a little later when we have a bigger fan base.


4. The group’s sound has always been very dynamic, exploring a range of different genres and styles, where do you go from here with it?

Our sound is still evolving and will continue to do so for quite some time I imagine.  We all have a lot to say and the trick has been combining all of our different influences and styles to develop a sound that we can call our own.  Its definitely a process. 


5. Your self-titled album was a huge breakthrough into the ears of many music-goers, when can we expect the next record? I saw the cover song series online, perhaps a live album release?

We are all finished recording for our new EP which will most likely be about 7 songs.  It’s currently being mixed/mastered right now and should be ready to release in early 2014.  We should also have a live album out at some point in the near future as well!!


6. Have you considered taking the plunge and buying a really uniquely awesome light rig to add new elements to your act?

We have definitely considered adding a light rig to our show and should be at that level pretty soon.  We have a really awesome light guy (Alex from Herm Productions) who is able to do some shows with us in Bloomington and Indianapolis and hopefully we will have him on the road soon enough.


7. I was pleased to find you playing with Jimkata in Colorado and IndigoSun for new years, do you prefer to team up on shows like this?

It’s always great to team up with bands on the road, especially one’s whose music works well together.  The Colorado run with Jimkata was great because having both of us on the bill got more people in the door for every show which really helps the energy for the music.  We’re also extremely excited for NYE with our good friends IndigoSun and Crussia. 


8. Lastly, how do you feel about spotify? Helpful or hurtful, better to spread music, but hurts album sales?

We love Spotify for when we’re on the road because of how easy it is to listen to full albums without paying too much. Although it definitely hurts album sales, it really helps with exposure to get our music out to new people who haven’t heard it.