There & Back Again – A Quixotic Sojurn


Our age of information has given way to something beautiful. The holy flow of our

spiritual conscious has provoked a renaissance of unimaginable proportions simply by creatively

summoning the energy circulating us all. By means of this phenomenon we have developed an

overall self-realization aiding in our steps towards the communal ether. Channeling spirits from

the love generation via live music, famously referred to as the great communicator, there has

begun a unifying realignment across all walks of art.

The notion has torn down the boundaries formed around this culture and from the

shambles of that existence built a re-evolved state of mind. Mourn not for this rubble for a

promising future remains and rather embrace the subtleties found in closure as yet another step

in humanity. It is a preface which paves the way for an entirely original school of thought, free

of rubric or syllabi. Let us avail ourselves of reminisce and make use of this passing period to

formulate bonds of communication which procures infinite grades.

Exogenous components serve as a single mental connection to each other. In limelight of

the looming 2012 cosmic rearrangement lies a breaking point requiring reverberating positivity

in order for all to enlighten simultaneously. In laymen terms, the energy you put out into the

universe through inter as well as self actions will benefit a universal cause. With this past

weekend marking autumnal equinox, we now enter the 4th

solstice will not lead into sudden death overtime.

quarter of rotation, surely this coming

Culture ascribes to what is necessary. The late great theorist Lewis Binford related this

expression as “man’s extra-somatic means of adaptation.” The feeling festivals invoke is an

existential conjunction which requires no calculations, comprising of a mass inter-spiritual link.

It is not physical divinity, but longing for spiritual comradery that allows for such causeways to

predict our reprise or surmise as figures of exceptionalism. Stationing yourself in between this

teeter could prove to be change we need, or at the very least influence your own.

As a byproduct of our greater connectivity we’re all essentially tapped into this keg of an

unknown brew that we can provide for all who are soul receptive. This cocktail of strange

arrangements has proven thus far to be our point of articulation. Let us all take a social to what

we have created, for this transformation, like all great ideas, is created from necessity and is as

elementary as function itself.

Look at the façade. It would be ignorant to conceive these events as defining any type of

revolution. They merely serve as a vessel in the movement towards raising consciousness. With

that said, these plans are anything but spontaneous, for they’ve been a long time coming. Thanks

in part to our deranged conceptualization of our roles in the grand scheme. Perhaps it is time to

butter up a new age belief system that is applicable to all forms.

Music has an energetic unity that spurs additional arts and musing this reciprocity derives

endless pieces. It’s no surprise that the intensification of festivals comprises of an affinity to

connect energetically, or face to face. Too often in our culture do socio-ecological stresses

blinding us from our true desires. Adhering to a more aware life model, such as the one

exemplified by festivals, suites open minds. It seems that in the course of ridding away external

expectations what was once “so hard to find” has inevitably found us.

Festivals have evolved into something bigger than a single weekend. The beauty of these

implications is in coherence to the meta-physical. This transition is attributed to a mental

synchronization omnipresent within festivals. There has been a pervasive shift of our social

dynamics in which our youth revere these gatherings as a much more powerful entity and allow

the mentality to inspire their own. Transcendence from a clouded mind into clairvoyance has

allowed for countless individuals to see their world in a different hue. We live in a fabricated

society resulting from a rupture in authenticity and leading to an increase in homogenous

aesthetics. The spirit of the 1960s movements has remained dormant.

While our not-so-headdy forefathers may disagree (judging by the abundance of authority

surrounding the festival scene) , inside the grounds it is a confrontation of philosophies that is

reinforced. Merely skimming the surface, outsiders may view this gathering as a “huge party”

and albeit that at times, there is a sound understanding among festi-goers to amplify positive

vibrations through musically healing properties.

The flow of this infectious energy connects every interpreter’s rhythm, thus causing

a single ambiance. Adolescent angst redirected from all creeds and codes collide to found a

completely unique gathering. In a country of enormous wealth concentration, class disparities,

conflicting ideologies have synthesized a generation of highly tolerant youth has reformed.

These ties that bind invoke a revolutionary spirit disregarding culturally inclined differences

while unveiling the compositions of everyone’s equal matter.

Our society’s infatuation with status and monetary gain has caused not just individual,

but collective solidarity among youth of all backgrounds. A vast transformation such as this

will not occur overnight, but subsistence of this mentality will rely on enlightened thought and

open minds. We urge all challenged young spirits to join in on the high jinks by dropping their

egos, expanding their minds and taking a trip into a social life way currently battling the storied


A scientific study revealed that self-comfort ability is embedded in a sense of flow and

community. The festival atmosphere is autonomous to this utilitarian life way, embracing the

intrinsic framework within people. A mindset indicative with this temperament resides within

festi-heads. Moreover, the populaces of these gatherings are confined youth adults with little

material wealth hailing from the conceived affluence of our modern world. Imbued in this notion

is a ridged disposition towards uniqueness. The rationalization behind this concept is represented

by a standard that produces homogenous beings. The need to meet such adequacy has resulted in

an immutable divergence of social paths.

The new path has fostered a belief system has retained the knowledge from the origin and

subsumed a discernible taste. The concordance taking place has furthered the discourse between

the two however discrete. Yes it is true, the impending renaissance does deviate from

contemporary culture, but what separates the move is that there is no phenotype. Each and every

member is encouraged to embrace variance which results in the end of ambiguity.