The Heady-est Midwest Fests You’ve Probably Never Heard of…


1. Rootwire

In case you haven’t heard about Papadoiso’s festival it’s about time to

you check things out. The first transformational gathering of it’s kind lies deep in the

heartland of Ohio where thousands of believers gather to celebrate life, love and a

passion for the arts. Although the names in the lineup don’t stand out to most festi-heads,

PapaD and their traveling troupe have earned great recognition for exposing unheard of

talents like Lynx and Soulacybin. Don’t you dare miss out on next year!

2. The Werkout

Despite the more mainstream fest lineup they boast, this place has got

soul. So much to experience and so many smiling faces to do so with. Though they shy

away from the prototypical jam-band ensemble, they do however diversify the lineup

with trip-glitch-dub artists, reggae and funk. Check it out for a great deal and a more

unique experience at Legend Valley.

3. Infrasound

The Rookie festival founded in Wisconsin sure did turn some young raver

baby heads this year with not one, but two gatherings both being held on crucial lunar

dates. The main attraction here is an amazing visual display of projection mapping for the

main stage artists. With shows like Tipper, Break Science, Vibesquad and Opiuo this fest

is sure to be even grander come next summer. Also, did I mention that the event is held

on the grounds of a nudist colony? Musn’t forget that

4. Camp Euforia

Hogwash & hootenanny, old fashioned hoe-down, square dancing barn-
burner; whatever you may title it, the vivid community which Camp Euforia creates

make’s this gathering Iowa’s premier INDEPENDANT camping and arts festival. On

the second weekend in July, located on a private corn and soybean farm, our gracious

host Jerry has a bash unlike any other. One that perpetuates an atmosphere of community

through great tunes upon welcoming everyone into his home. The festival environment

here emphasizes family togetherness of any facet. This beautiful culmination with

imaginative and unique beings constructs an exponentially positive vibration throughout.

5. Hyperion

If you are a fan of the artist which circumnavigate the Midwest venue circuit

then you are sure to fall in love with this festival. In Greek mythology Hyperion was

one of the twelve Titans, in real life it is part camping and part consciousness fest. With

a lineup featuring PapaD, Grizmatik, Roster McCabe, UV Hippo, Cosby Sweater and

Future Rock all in one great location! C’mon now, how could you miss out on this on

next year?