Night Phoenix [Roster McCabe] Interview


AX Primarily I understand that there were some lineup changes in the band, how differed the dynamic of your act? Helped?
NP Yes one of our members, Drew, left the band in January of last year. As with any change, one has the opportunity let it either cripple you or help you grow and I believe we have done the latter. It has created the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and our performance. It has helped us develop our sound and define our sound and our energy as a four piece. We are more confident and excited about our show than ever before.
AX Surely there is some kind of metaphorical meaning behind the name change, what does it mean to you in a broader sense?
NP Well the name Roster McCabe is our former band member’s maternal namesake and we feel it is a legacy we can no longer carry on without him in the band, but more importantly, it’s a way of paying homage to the past and look forward to the future and metaphoric rebirth of the band; a rising from the ashes so to speak.
AX Roster McCabe has become a midwest staple at everyone’s favorite local venue, what do you need to do in order to recapture the same allure under a new name?
NP We all believe that once people see us again the name change wont mean as much as the new energy we are bringing to the stage and the performance will speak for itself. All we need is for our fans to believe in us enough to come check us out under the new name.
AX You had all your fans fooled for a few days last month, with the intentions relatively unclear, was the evolution in the works for some while? How did this come about?
NP We had been talking about it for awhile. The energy was already there and the new intention already set in motion, we were just unsure of how to represent ourselves and the project without alienating all the friends and fans who have believed in us for so long.
AX Naturally you will retain part of the work from Roster McCabe while heading in a new direction, is there a new album/tour in the works?
NP Naturally, we are still us after all. Always! We are constantly working on new music and touring is not only our job, but our life. We are super excited to be coming back to Iowa City on tour!
AX The Roster franchise made quite a splash last summer in the festival realm with 5 shows! at SummerCamp and appearances at The Werkout and Whippersnap as well as others. Will you be hitting it even harder this year to spread the word?
NP From our end, we would literally be playing every single festival we could physically make it to all summer. It’s not all up to us, but we will be pushing as hard as ever to make sure that people know the new name and the new project.
AX I’m absolutely positive that people won’t miss the name nearly as much as the flare and excitement you bring to the stage, how does Night Phoenix plan to reignite this presence under the new name?
NP We have new music, putting together some really cool collaboration projects, and trying to come up with new ways to connect with our fans even more. We are definitely looking forward to the future and success of this band.
- Adam Epstein