Kyle Hollingsworth takes it to the “Speed of Life”



Axiom-Nation (AX): The concept behind your solo project “Speed of Life” is wonderful. To be able to look back at where you were and where you are now not only as an artist, but as a family man. What was this like for you?

Kyle Hollingsworth (K.H): It was an humbling and also tedious process. Perfecting each track then laying out how everything was going flow together took much more time than we had predicted. Some of those tracks I wrote years ago, but never could find the right place for them. Ones like “Racer X” I wrote when I was 12 and “Pack It Up” is a longtime SCI favorite that never made it to release so having a compilation that told a story was sort of the theme there. Essentially this album is a meaningful reflection of where I have come.

AX: How does the workflow process begin for you when creating tracks?

K.H: The workflow is a very organic process. I start out with all these ideas running through my head and not knowing where place them in the context of a song, but being able share these ideas with other talented musicians brings the best elements to life.


AX: As a group, SCI can do pretty much everything, but what kind of variety hasn’t cheese added?You guys really have this smorgasbord of sound going on these days.

K.H: I’ve been thinking dancehall polka meets heavy metal. Really though- the best part of being in SCI is exploring these different kinds of music genres then implementing them. From bluegrass to bollywood we really like to expand musical boundaries then bring all into the sort of signature String Cheese sound. Being able to do this is how we evolve as a band.

AX: Cheese’s fall tour departs from the regular fanbase. Why the east coast love this time around?

K.H: Let’s just say it was the right time. We haven’t had any show there in a while and since we are already down in Florida for Hulaween, this was going to be “CD release tour”, albeit somewhat later.


AX: We really loved seeing you back at Camp Euforia, tell us a little about your experience there.

K.H: I really dig the vibes there from Euforquestra’s hometown fans and having The Motet come around this time too was fun because those are sort of my two preferred bands to tour with. I also enjoyed how centered around family everything was, (you) have a tight-knit group. Then of course the gracious host Jerry. It’s something special…

AX:Between producing albums for Euforquestra, The Motet and KHB you have spend quite a bit of time in the lab. Is production the new realm for you? 

K.H: I sure have spent a lot of time in the sound room this past year. Although, making time from SCI’s upcoming tour it’s going to be challenging. However- producing is definitely something I look forward to being more involved with it in the future.


AX: How was working with Jerry Harrison of The Talking Heads? What kind of tips/tricks did you pick up from him?

K.H: We worked with Jerry post-recording. So what we did was lay down the initial tracks ourselves and have a basic blueprint of how we wanted it all to sound. Well of course by then we had hours on top of hours of music and a few tracks that didn’t make the cut. Then I took it all home to make sense of it all by cutting-pasting-editing it down to the best versions and deciding together what we wanted to keep. By now though, we didn’t have any of the vocals finished- there is where Jerry really shined as a producer. Getting hands down the best vocals we have ever had on album and getting us to show more passion.

AX: Soooo… Let’s hear about the beer collaboration winner!

K.H: I’m so psyched! Very excited to see what the fans want to do with this beer. It high time I create a brew with somebody new. Perhaps Chocolatey notes? Melodic taste? Only time can tell.