Keep Love: What the folk is Folkstep?!


AXMany people feel that twang and womp are two entirely separate worlds, yet you’re methodically fusing these two worlds together. Where do you hope to transcend this new genre entitled ‘Folkstep’? Do you see it based more heavily in twang? Womp? Some sort of an equilibrium?

I think others will come alongside me with their own interpretations…which I am eager to hear. As far as my own plans, I’ll just keep trying to pave the way and blow minds (mine being the first always).


AX You’re music is inspired from such a vast cross pollination of genres. Whom or what do you consider to be your biggest inspirations as you continue to evolve as an artist?

KL I have lots of artist friends and family who are quite inspiring to me, they will always push me to be my best. I have love, love for me, love for you, and love is the greatest motivator for me….it’s kept me going when I’ve been broken, lonely and homeless, it always will. My love has kept me alive.

AX Many people consider you to be the “pioneer” of Folkstep. Even incorporating your own lyrics into your beats – not something many DJ/producer nowadays (or ever for that matter). How do see future collaborations with artists like Menert, GRiZ, and possibly even Lorin influencing this new genre, and bringing their creative freedom to the table?

KL I also consider myself a pioneer as I’ve yet to hear a sound like mine, but first and foremost I am an artist, a musician, a singer/songwriter/guitar player. I am NOT, nor have I EVER been, nor will I ever BE a DJ. I produce my music, its all original samples of me or my friends, I play my guitar and sing live while triggering samples from my songs. I’ve been pretty blessed to work with GRiZ on his track “feel the love” of RebelEra and Menert on two tracks off his upcoming release, so far, plus a few new ones we just started writing. Include Bassnectar into that mix and I will have collaborated with some of my all time favorite producers. They all have different bass styles as do I but its always exciting to hear things from a different perspective. I’m excited about the future of Folkstep!

AX You recently played during a Grass Roots open house. What was that experience like for you?

KL Grassroots was a blast, I’ve become homies with those cats and look forward to releasing my own grassroots hat in a couple months so stay tuned!

Keep Love w/the GRC crew
The GRC crew, hosting Keep Love

AXWhat sort of reaction do you expect/hope to see from first time listeners of Folkstep?

KLFirst time listeners I expect to either LOVE folkstep or hate it. When you’ve got haters you know your doing something right.  Thats pretty much been the reaction thus far. I like seeing the confused look on peoples face when I drop the genre tag #folkstep. I have yet to drop it without cracking a grin cause its like a fun game to me trying to blow peoples minds.

AXWhat are your plans for touring this spring and summer? Any specific festivals that you’re looking forward to?
KLI plan on touring relentlessly starting this spring after I release my new E.P. which should drop late march or early april. There’s a couple festivals in Montana I’m hoping to return to this Summer, love that state, its incredible driving thru the mountains.

AX Why did you choose the name ‘Keeplove’? What is the message behind it?

KLAbout 5 or 6 years ago I made a realization that I was going to play guitar/sing etc. For the rest of my life or die trying, to be happy. I knew that my hand would be seen and wanted to convey one thing with it, love. I had the word love tattooed upside down because playing guitar, the letters are right side up. The keep didn’t come to my right hand until about a year ago. Since getting love tattooed, id gotten my heart broken, quit my music career and attempted living a normal life doing things I didn’t love. I was miserable. It came to me one day in a song, keep love. After I wrote that song I knew first that I would tat up my other hand but also that I would change my name to reflect a message worth being on billboards, on teeshirts, on marquees across the nation. Keeplove? Was born out of sorrow and pain as an encouragement to others. Follow your dreams, take risks, fall in love, fail miserably and then do it all over again with no fear.  If you live your life with love you have nothing to fear.

AX Lastly, how do you feel about spotify? Helpful or hurtful, better to spread music, but hurts album sales?

KLI give my music away.  Keeps it pure for me.