Eufórquestra Guitarist, Mike Tallman, tells all about the new album & working with Kyle Hollingsworth of SCI

Mike Tallman

AX Recording with Kyle Hollingsworth is quite an honor, what was this experience like as a whole & how has this furthered your perspective in the studio realm? 
MT Kyle really jumped in and helped us make a record that we’re very proud of. It was definitely an honor to work so closely with him. He contributed on pretty much every level, from editing lyrics and melodies to tightening up forms and arrangements. He also encouraged us to experiment which helped keep things organic and natural feeling. We found some really cool sounds by experimenting not just musically, but with recording and production techniques. He plays a couple solos on the record that are fantastic as well.
AX When can we expect the next album to released?
MT The album will drop in March. Official date is soon to be announced. We will have a bunch of tour dates supporting the album as well. 
AX I understand that John Svec with Earthtone Studios has worked with you guys on previous recordings, did he add any of his own magic to this one as well?
MT He has worked on three records with us, engineered the Glen Devey and Afrobeat albums, and then did our live record a few years later. Working with John is great because he’s an outstanding engineer and he’s known the band since the beginning so it’s always very comfortable. He’s seen and worked with us through every incarnation of the band over the last decade. We like to bring John out on the road as well because he’s a great live engineer as well.

AX Are there any other special guests such on the new tracks?
MT Yes, we have some great guests on the new record. Kyle plays some killer solos on a couple tracks. Kim Dawson sings background vocals on most of the album and is also featured on lead vocals on a brand new tune called “Take Me Dancing”. Matt (keys) wrote that tune for her to sing. Gabriel Mervine from The Motet plays trumpet on the whole album and has a featured solo on the New Orleans-flavored tune “Momo Lolo”. Our friend Elliot Martin from John Brown’s Body sang a really amazing verse on “Solutions”. We were floored when he sent us the tracks! It’s definitely a highlight on the record. Scott Mast also plays percussion on this album.
AX The camping and arts festival world would absolutely eat you guys up, will we ever see Euforquestra at many more mainstream gatherings? 

MT We’ve been to several of those festivals over the years. We’ve done SummerCamp and Wakarusa each multiple times along with Electric Forest, Camp Barefoot, and more. We always love getting calls to play the festivals so hopefully the release of this new record will open up a few more doors. We also really enjoy playing a lot of community concert series and festival events. Those always end up being some of our favorites.


AX Last summer’s Camp Euforia was to this point the best in terms of lineup and attendance, (not to mention Jerry’s awesome bar) but seems to get better every year! How are you planning to top it this time around? 
MT We’re just starting to get the ball rolling for plans this year. It’s always a fun challenge to try and top the previous year. It always works out but we’ve got our work cut out for us this year! That set from Dumpstaphunk was probably my favorite set from any Camp Euforia. We’ve got to figure out a way to top that!
AX Your live shows always have so much energy and excitement, will the new songs build off your previous work or are you guys going in a new direction?
MT We are always evolving to some extent, but I would say our new stuff is the funkiest music we’ve written or recorded. It’s still got plenty of reggae and some afrobeat vibe to it, but I think the stuff on this record grooves a lot harder than anything we’ve done before.
AX Your kickstarter campaign was an excellent idea. You must be feel very grateful to have such a loving support, are there any Iowans who deserve a shout-out?

MT We are incredibly humbled by the support we received for this record. There are over 200 people that donated to the campaign so we can’t thank everyone enough for helping us make this happen. We really poured our hearts and souls into this and we can only hope that the people who hear it get as much joy out of listening to it as we did making it. 



- Adam Epstein

Photography By Duncan Ross

Camp Euforia 2013 Photo Gallery