Earth Guardians Speak Out


Xiuhtezcatl (Shu-Tez-Cot) and Itzcuauhtli (Eats-Squat-Lee) are the voice of a generation which is concerned with the condition of our natural environment. These two are determined to bring their multi-faceted message of sustainability to the activism forefront across the globe. Through motivational performances and workshops the Earth Guardians communicate their aspirations for love and hope, educating and inspiring other youth as well as adults to take action on creating a better world for themselves and their communities. With the gift of music they encourage self-expression, the opportunity for personal growth and an outlet to share their concerns through creativity. Positive social values, respect for self, others and nature are facilitated using musical performance.


Axiom-Nation: Tell us a little about your origins and how they contribute to your lyrics and message overall.

Xiuhtexcatl: My father was born in Mexico City and raised in the ancient Aztec tradition then passed it on to us. As far back as I can remember my brother and I have been part of the community there; speaking the language, singing the songs, attending rituals and dances. Our experience there instilled a deeply spiritual connection with the earth and the realization that no matter how hard the western man may try, we are not separate from our mother. Each and every one of us is connected in this great huge web of life and the ability to see that if one part of this is broken or if one part of the world is suffering it is our responsibility as stewards of the plant to make a difference by speaking out. The knowledge passed on to me which help me to see our connection to the natural world really impacts my writing in addition to all the activism we do. My culture is a really big part of who I am.


AX: When you’re performing in different areas to so many different people how do you relate this message to them?

Xiuhtexcatl: A lot of what we talk about is connecting audiences to their land and to the indigenous peoples of the area. I believe that our society has lost touch with that and we want the current generation of youth to understand this relationship which is why we chose the mainstream medium of rap/hip-hop. Using empowering lyrics and a positive voice we can help others, no matter where they are, to embrace their environment.


AX: What would you like to do with your movement going forward?

Itzcuauhtli: We would like to incorporate a variety of cultures. We are always learning and integrating something new into our music like verses in Spanish or interpretive dances. There are so many possibilities, from small venues like classrooms to big festival stages our constant is that the message remains the same.

AX: Would you say that the symbolism behind your music is the most vital component? Not simply the structure or form it takes.

Xiuhtexcatl: Definitely. We cannot wait for a solution to find us, it’s something we need to create. Be the change you want to see in the world.

AX: If you could impart one message onto your listeners, what would it be?

Itzcuauhtli: “The vibration of life is an intimate sensation”. It’s something that really resonates with me and I would hope that others can feel it too.




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