leae – rattlebrain ep


There is a saying that goes somewhat along the lines of “some of the best things in life are those that are least expected.” I recently had one of these experiences to a certain, much smaller extent. The event that I speak of is being introduced to the sounds of leae, who, as he intricately explains on his soundcloud page, “make(s) beats in brooklyn”. This humble self-description is admirable, since these “beats” he creates are much more rich, intimate, complex, and captivating than the way he makes them appear. If you love experimental hip-hop instrumentals the same way that I do, it won’t take you long to hear the amount of emotion and talent that is emitted into his tracks.

leae‘s ‘rattlebrain ep’ is, interesting to say the least. The introductory track, “That Awful Day”, gives you a little taste of the confusion that might ensue throughout parts of the rest of the EP, particularly during the weird intermissions, but if you’re open minded that’s part of what makes it fun to listen to. The Opera dominated “O Mio Babbino Caro” was the first I had heard from leae, and it left me salivating for more. The beginning’s transition from an Opera Alto sweetly singing to being abruptly interrupted by the confusing yet enticing trippy, trickling, descending then evaporating electronic rain droplets layered over the simple, but surprisingly dirty back beat had me sold from the first bass drum kick. Besides this one, the other standout tracks are the mellow and heart felt “Für Elise” and “The End”. While “Für Elise” seems to give you a peak into his melancholy, ‘rainy Sunday’-esque side, “The End” also has somewhat of a heavyhearted tinge, but with a pinch of hope.

Make sure to check out some more of his quality beats on his soundcloud.