Camp Euforia XI [CEXI]


Hogwash & hootenanny, old fashioned hoe-down, square dancing barn-burning;
whatever you may title it, the vivid community which Camp Euforia
creates make’s this gathering Iowa’s premier camping and arts
festival. On the second weekend in July, located on a private farm,
our gracious host Jerry has a bash unlike any other, one that
perpetuates an atmosphere of community through great tunes and a
homecoming welcome. The festival environment here emphasizes family
togetherness of any facet. This beautiful culmination with imaginative
and unique people constructs an exponentially positive vibration
throughout the grounds.

The musical tastes accompanied here are just as exceptional. Iowa
City’s minimal yet affluent music scene provides quality booking at a
reasonable price. Reigning in past regional performances by the likes
of Greensky Bluegrass, Dumpstafunk, Pimps of Joytime, Roster McCabe,
The Ragbirds, John Wayne and The Pain, Split-lip Rayfield & Future
Rock in addition to a core of phenomenal local acts such as Zeta June,
Heatbox, Firesale & Dead Larry makes this gathering one of a kind.
However, this year seems quite different as the likes of Keller
Williams, Kyle Hollingsworth, The Motet and Juno What will be gracing
us with their precense. One notion remains the same though, as each
night unfolds, everyone on the grounds will gather, almost as if it
were communion, for the local legends Euforquestra as they throw down
remarkably memorable show after show.

Pardon all external influences of reality, for here each and
everyone’s true self can flourish at a gathering completely exclusive
to Iowa’s heartland. The feeling of displacement embedded within our
society is vacant; we are one with the bliss in Lone Tree. Through the
notions of community, music and dance creates a self and inter
efficacy, which are healing properties of their own. Such a level of
social awareness truly allows for a sense of self within an
unaccustomed context. In congruence with this heightened communication
comes a proto-culture built by its very inhabitants, not some abstract
or ambiguous circle. Material designs by these distant sources are
predominantly occupied with a featureless and hollow structure leaving
no room for variety. If you’re looking to escape this bland existence
look no further than ten miles out of town. Appease your senses and
join the wild rumpus we call Camp Euforia!


- Adam Epstein