Ballroom Thieves Interview


Axiom Nation sat down with The Ballroom Thieves, a three-piece band from Boston, about life on the road and their upcoming show in Chicago.


Axiom Nation: Talk a little bit about your band name ‘The Ballroom Thieves.’

Ballroom Thieves: There are several stories floating around as to where the name came from. The one that rings the truest has a little bit to do with the Newport Folk Festival in Newport, Rhode Island, and a lot to do with smuggling what some might call liberal amounts of canned heat in empty sun-block containers into said festival. You’ll think of some interesting band names if you’re drinking rum out of empty sun-block containers.


AX: You have released two EPs so far.  Can fans expect new music in the near future? A full length… etc? 

BT: We’ve scheduled some time in the studio in June and we’re definitely excited to record some of the new material we’ve been working on. There’s been an influx of raw material on the songwriting front as of late, so we’re psyched to use the next six weeks on the road to give that material some run. You know, let it ride around with the practice wheels on in hopes that it doesn’t fall on its face when we take them off come summertime. We’re still a bit too far out to estimate a release date, but that’s all the more reason to stay in touch!


AX: Playing live has many variables, especially when you are on tour and playing a new city each night.  What are some of the things you (as a band) enjoy about the live music experience?

BT: We’re big believers in the communities that traveling musicians create and maintain, and we’ve found inspiration in so many of the bands we’ve been lucky enough to share stages with. A few of our good friends in Boston have dubbed our own little community ‘Cambridge Folk,’ and we’ve been amazed at the amount of support, as well as healthy competition our city seems to foster among its local musicians. Apart from that, we really love the physical act of playing our own music, and the fact that each show is so unique is just one of the reasons why this career is never boring.


AX: Music is often a vehicle of communication.  Can you tell us a bit what (or some of) what The Ballroom Thieves are trying to say through music. Is it something thats always changing? 

BT: On a lyrical level most of our songs are very personal, and most of them tend to be self-contained stories, so I suppose each song has it’s own little message, but what we’re really interested in is how our songs make us feel, and how they make others feel. The relationship between those two sets of feelings is fascinating to me. All of our tunes are also riddled with subliminal advertisements for Fast & Furious 7.


AX: Have you played Chicago before? How was the experience?   

BT: We’ve played Chicago a few times, most recently at the Uncommon Ground. We’ve always enjoyed Chicago, and it’s been fun getting to see a few different venues as we work on building a small fan base in the city.


AX: Chicago Pizza or Chicago Hot Dogs… and favorite pizza toppings? 

BT: Chicago Pizza all day, though we’re not known to turn down hot dogs either. Favorite pizza topping has to be buffalo chicken, with extra blue cheese. The dressing, not the crumbles.


AX: Anything else you want to tell us??  Does our hair look ok? 

BT: I can’t see your hair, but I’m extraordinarily confident that it looks as stunning as it ever has. Unless this is a trick question and you’re bald. But either way, thanks for chatting with us!


- Alex Ginsberg