Abakus: Cruise Control (Bluetech Remix) - Bluetech

  1. Abakus: Cruise Control (Bluetech Remix)

If you know your stuff, you know to always- and never not-click on links that contain the word “Bluetech” in them. It should be embedded somewhere deep in your nervous system and cause you to instinctively click, just as you would put your hands in front of you during a fall, or as you would naturally react to Kate Upton eating a banana while bending forward. Woof.

Back in July, the downtempo/psybient genius, Evan Bartholomew, better known under the moniker Bluetech, blessed us with another dose of his extraterrestrial feeling, masterfully crafted mystical grooves in this remix of Abakus’s “Crusie Control”. If this isn’t cold, hard evidence that he is the best in his genre, than I don’t know what is. You can find this as well as other quality tracks on the Basement Dubs EP.

The EP (as provided in the link above) is available at whatever price you wish to pay, but purchasing the album will help fund his efforts in converting his workspace into a solar powered studio. #Respect.