APRES Miami 2014


As night two of ULTRA Music Festival came to a close, the streets of
downtown Miami flooded with EDM enthusiasts heading to the various nightclubs
the city boasts to continue the rage into the late night. When ULTRA is in town, the
word sleep falls short from the dictionary out here.
Even with so many places to choose from to keep the festivities alive,
attendees flocked to MEKKA Nightclub for the 3rd annual APRES.
The event hosted 15+ producers/DJs comprising a lineup of EDM elites including, but not
limited to, the guys from Lowtemp Records (Gramatik, Branx, Ex-mag, Gibbz, Russ
Liquid), Pretty Lights Music (Michal Menert, Supervision, Paul Basic), and trap-stars
Mimosa and Far East Movement. With three separate rooms constantly being
rocked by different artists, it was near impossible to find a sound you couldn’t
groove to.

For those looking for the funk, the main stage was the place to be as
Gramatik and the Lowtemp crew took control there. They jumped in and out of
each other’s sets throughout the night to provide the organic sound of live
instruments that DJs usually tend to lack. Combined with their blend of original,
funktronic beats and live sound, Lowtemp certainly knew how to keep the bodies

Even with Gramatik leaving PLM last year to create Lowtemp Records, the
two crews joined forces this time around to show Miami what their definition of
EDM is all about. Gramatik has continued to pump out fresh tracks with the release
of “Age of Reason” earlier this year and the rerelease of the plethora of music the
duo has been creating over the years. Also released through Lowtemp was Ex-mag’s
first album, “Proportions,” and Gibbz’s first EP, “Who Gibbz a F#@$,” last December
and January, respectively. All of this music is free to download as Lowtemp Records
sticks to the principle that “in order to free music, music must be free.” Keep an eye
out for all of these guys as well as the PLM crew this summer, as they will be all over
the festival scene this season.

-Rey Alvarez